Lakers Rumors: Three candidates that could replace Luke Walton

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Kobe Bryant

Yes, Kobe Bryant is an option for Los Angeles moving forward. When the head coaching vacancy previously arose, Sports Illustrated hypothesized that Bryant would be one of the many options for the team at that time along with Luke Walton and others before a deal was worked out with Walton.

The Lakers legend would bring all of the expertise imaginable to a young team that can’t find the right keys to drive their full potential. Inserting Bryant into the organization as the head coach would also, beyond a shadow of a doubt, raise the competitiveness of this team.

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Having the “Mamba Mentality” is a real thing, and it’s something that Kyle Kuzma seems to have, but still something that both Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball seem to be missing. Ingram has gotten better, but he’s not really anywhere close to where Magic Johnson made it sound like over the summer.

As for Ball, his early season woes speak for themselves. Also, if the Lakers organization wants someone who can really put LaVar Ball in his place, it’s Kobe Bryant.

If it’s one glaring thing that this young team lacks it is definitely mental toughness. When Lonzo Ball admitted that his shooting struggles were already in his head and when he walked away from a scuffle without guiding away his teammates, he made it clear that he’s still got a lot to learn in terms of being a leader.

This could be the Lakers’ best alternative option for remaining attractive to upcoming free agents this summer. Being that Bryant is one of the game’s most iconic players of all-time, it would go along great with the lore that the team already carries with them.

In short, he’s their best fit because he answers their immediate problem in mental toughness and their long-term issue in fixing Lonzo Ball’s mentality.