Lakers Rumors: Three candidates that could replace Luke Walton

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LaVar Ball

Don’t stop at the headline, please hear me out. Before I even venture to defend my case for Lonzo’s father to be the head coach of the Los Angeles, understand one thing — I have mixed feelings about him. Yes, encouraging his son in ridiculous fashion might seem absurd to us, but it’s because he cares.

Where I draw the line with LaVar is when he starts thinking that Lonzo’s poor play is acceptable. However, he has responded in just the opposite fashion that I expected him to. Instead of saying that Lonzo needs more time or any sort of excuse, he didn’t hold back from blaming it on the coaching staff and insisting that he knows how to coach his son better.

So why not give him a shot?

Let’s back up for a second. This isn’t to say that LaVar Ball is the best candidate for the job, but rather, in my opinion, should be on the short list if the position looks like it’ll become vacant. The problem with Kobe Bryant being the coach is that Ball might not take heed to what he’s told, as insane as that sounds.

Second, Fizdale benching Lonzo isn’t an idea that is going to be attractive to Lonzo, and certainly not to his father. It’s a move that would only makes sense if Magic Johnson has the wherewithal to lay down the law and set LaVar Ball in his place.

Or, he could give LaVar the keys and see where things go. It wouldn’t have to be a long-term offer, either. That’s the beauty of it. And for as much flak as the Ball family got as Lonzo transitioned to the NBA and the family brand and family in general saw more of the spotlight, there is certainly a method to LaVar Ball’s madness.

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I see this being a move that Magic Johnson might particularly take issue with or be extremely hesitant in making, but if it is what comes between making Lonzo Ball one of the best point guards ever and being the biggest bust ever, Johnson’s decision should be a whole lot easier.