How things can go from bad to worse for the Los Angeles Clippers

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Not being able to trade away DeAndre Jordan

Thanks to the drama from situations involving Chris Paul, Doc Rivers, and the never-ending storylines about Blake Griffin, it feels like perhaps we forgot just how far the Los Angeles Clippers had to go when DeAndre Jordan was a free agent a few years back.

Dallas had managed to lure Jordan away from the Clippers in a time where Chris Paul and Blake Griffin were everything to the team and Jordan was seen as a key piece to a playoff push. The extreme measures to get Jordan back to the Clippers rank as the craziest experience that I’ve seen unfold in free agency that I can remember.

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So now what?

Well, with Blake Griffin’s injury not being a good sign for the Clippers moving forward, you have to wonder when the organization will decide to move on from DeAndre Jordan. Luckily for them, the Cleveland Cavaliers reportedly have interest in doing business with Los Angeles, per Bleacher Report.

The supposed potential deal would mean that Tristan Thompson would be sent to the Clippers in exchange for long-time big man and veteran DeAndre Jordan. this is a deal that the team seems to be sleeping on, but shouldn’t be given their circumstances.

Sure, Thompson might not be the guy that you want for the foreseeable future, but acquiring him would give you something to at least build on and figure out moving forward.

The longer that the Clippers decide to wait on making a move in this scenario will only hurt themselves. It didn’t work with Chris Paul, it is currently not working out with Blake Griffin, so there is no reason to try and continue to force the losing culture on DeAndre Jordan any longer.

They need to blow it up.