LA Chargers will need to bring out their best against Cleveland

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(Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images) /

If there was ever a fair way to test if these LA Chargers are legitimate, it’s their upcoming game against the Cleveland Browns.

Let’s not forget the fact that the Cleveland Browns have yet to still win a game this season. Los Angeles knows what’s that like, but answered their issues with a in in their fifth game. Since then, they’ve been on a remarkable upward trend at the same time that the rest of their division is falling apart.

This is also the same LA Chargers team that watched the Kansas City Chiefs beat the defending champs on opening night on the road and storm out of the gate to a 5-0 record. Now, however, the Chiefs are within one game of losing first place to Los Angeles.

All the LA Chargers have to do is beat the Browns.

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Seems easy enough, right?

It’s not like the Browns really have it figured out when it comes to establishing a quality quarterback or anything, so the LA Chargers will have to play this one a little differently. By that, I mean that any of the costly mistakes that they’re known for making — especially when it comes to blown leads and allowing ridiculous comebacks — will burn them even more so in this game.

Not only that, but this is a game that the Chargers cannot afford to lose for the sake of the fact that everyone around seems to think they could do some real damage. So much, in fact, that we could see Los Angeles be that team that finally ends Tom Brady’s incredible run with the Patriots.

To try and put what a win over the Browns would do for the Chargers is really hard to fathom, especially when you realize that it would bring the Chargers to .500 and legitimize their run to the postseason and potentially an AFC West crown.

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But hey, it’s the Chargers. Don’t be shocked if Cleveland finds themselves in the win column after this game.