DeAndre Jordan Trade Rumors: Potential deals with his latest suitors

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Milwaukee Bucks

The first potential suitor we will take about in this case is the Milwaukee Bucks. Led by Giannis Antetokounmpo, they are sixth in the Eastern Conference as of this writing and are 12-10 so far on the season.

If the playoffs were to start today, they would be in a first round clash with the Toronto Raptors, the same team that sent them home in the post-season a year ago. One of the best ways for the Bucks to prepare for the Raptors, let alone the entire Eastern Conference, as their playoff opponent could obviously change, is to have a big man like DeAndre Jordan.

The trade package that both teams would likely have to agree to is a larger one, particularly because the salary of DeAndre Jordan — one to the tune of $22 million — doesn’t get sent away lightly.,

This might seem like a lot to go down in a trade at this point of the season, but the Clippers have been here before. They were able to wager a worthwhile ransom when they signed and traded Chris Paul to Houston, they’ll be able to demand the same if the Bucks really want DeAndre Jordan that badly.

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John Henson is probably one of the better parts of the deal when it comes to what the Clippers could get in return. The reason that I say that is simple — once Blake Griffin is healthy, his time in LA might not be much longer.

Knowing that, whether it comes to a trade or whatever the case might be with Griffin in the near future, the Clippers will have to prepare. If they don’t try to trade for someone else, their best bets at power forward are Montrezl Harrell or Brice Johnson.

Neither of those guys are going to be franchise players, meanwhile John Henson could fill the role rather nicely. No, he might not be a superstar, but this is to emphasize the fact that the Clippers need to make the most of things while they still can.

Dellevadova helps things out at the point guard position that has already seen two players go down for the season at, and Malcolm Brogdon can help there as well. Also, the Bucks are willing to take on Beverley even though he’s out for the season solely for the fact that it helps balance things out financially for the moment and when healthy in the future he could be an x-factor for their team.

Thon Maker, meanwhile would fill the big man role in LA for the time being and Austin Rivers gives the Bucks more depth to work with. Ultimately, both teams agree to this potential deal because it’s the best possible outcome for both of their respective needs.

It also starts the process the Clippers need to move on from Doc Rivers by doing what they should’ve done last season in trading the younger Rivers along with Jordan.