With a win, the Rams prove that the Eagles were frauds

GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 03: Quarterback Jared Goff (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 03: Quarterback Jared Goff (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

The Los Angeles Rams are heading into arguably the biggest game of the year against the Philadelphia Eagles. With a win, the Rams could reveal the Eagles as pretenders.

The Los Angeles Rams hosting the Philadelphia Eagles will be the biggest game of the NFL season to this point. While playoff implication matchups later in the year will have more at stake, this game is the most intriguing matchup we have seen. If anyone predicted that back in August they would have been laughed at.

This is a battle of second-year quarterbacks. Jared Goff and Carson Wentz have both put together great seasons. Wentz has emerged as an MVP candidate, Goff perhaps is not getting the love he deserves. Together, the sophomore duo has thrown for 6189 yards, 49 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

Overall, this game is a battle of two juggernauts. Both the Rams and the Eagles have been prone to winning often and winning big. Both have great offenses and solid defenses. When they are up, they do not let off the gas.

Los Angeles has won four games by three or more touchdowns. Philadelphia has won five of such games. Both teams have made a habit of beating up bad teams, which has led to their combined 19-5 record.

However, the Philadelphia Eagles may have finally been exposed on Sunday Night. The Seattle Seahawks outclassed the Eagles 24-10 in Seattle. Were there some bad breaks for the Eagles? Yes. Could the game have gone differently? Absolutely. Is Seattle a tough place to play in December? Of course.

However, this does not take away from the fact that the Seahawks were missing Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor on defense. While Wentz did pick that apart and threw for 348 yards, the Eagles still could not get into the end zone.

Thus, many are questioning how legit the Eagles really are. Philadelphia has had a very easy schedule and has faced the right teams at the right times. I have seen the argument “Well, before the season they had one of the toughest schedules in the NFL!”

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Yes, by 2016’s terms. A big component of that toughness was their division. The 11-5 New York Giants are now amongst the bottom feeders of the NFL. Dallas is not the same without Ezekiel Elliot and the Redskins are extremely banged up.

Thus, the Eagles have beaten just one team above .500 – the Carolina Panthers. Keep in mind, that game was extremely close until Luke Kuechley had to sit out. As we saw last season, Carolina is nowhere close to the same without their star linebacker. With Kuechley in the game, the Eagles very well could have lost that too.

It is not the Eagles fault either, they can only play who they play. However, their performance against the Seahawks raises questions. It wasn’t just a loss, it was a blowout.

Now, the Los Angeles Rams have the ability to drive the nail into the coffin and expose the Eagles. They will still be a playoff team no doubt, but the once 10-1 Eagles will finally look human. While the Rams have also played some easy competition, they at least hold a win over a legit playoff team in the New Orleans Saints.

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The last thing the Rams are likely worrying about is how a win would affect the image of their opponent. However, the team does still have the chance to finally raise the curtains on what has been the biggest illusion of this NFL season.