Lakers Rumors: LeBron James could team up with this player in LA

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These latest Lakers Rumors make the anticipation for next summer that much more spectacular.

If LeBron James decides leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the second time in his career, rumor has it that the Los Angeles Lakers are at the top of his priority list. When it comes to other destinations, they just don’t match what the Lakers can offer.

A fresh young core that’s looking like it has plenty of potential, while also not hiding the fact that they’re imperfect. James would finally have a point guard in Lonzo Ball if he matures the way that people think he will, and Los Angeles would immediately become a title contender.

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All of that is just a few months away from being either finalized as a yes or as a no. But who could possibly join LeBron James if he were to take the next step and move to California?

The answer will surprise you, but rumor has it that the player plotting to team up with LeBron James in the near future is none other than Nerlens Noel of the Dallas Mavericks. Noel’s current situation isn’t much better than his time with Philadelphia, and over the summer there is the chance that he could wind up in purple and gold as well.

This comes via reporting from NBC Sports, echoing comments from Mike Fisher of — and it would be the perfect fit. Noel has yet to really find his place in the league, and the Lakers have yet to really find a long-term solution at center.

It looked at first like perhaps Brook Lopez might be that, but that hasn’t been the case as late. Grabbing Noel as well would also give the Lakers another young player to really emphasize the growth of the young core.

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But the summer still has a while to get here.