Los Angeles Rams have best shot at Super Bowl with Wentz out

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It’s now or never for the Los Angeles Rams to do the unthinkable under rookie head coach Sean McVay.

The unfortunate turn of events for the Eagles on Sunday of Week 14 in Los Angeles is that they’re now without Carson Wentz, their star quarterback, for the remainder of the season due to a torn ACL. That’s terrible news for Philadelphia, but that might be just what the Los Angeles Rams needed to hear.

Sure, Jared Goff’s late fumble cost the Rams, at least in large part if not in full, the game that they had won in the fourth quarter. But that’s okay. That doesn’t take away from the work that the team put in to get to where they are at this point anyway, and it certainly doesn’t diminish their hopes of chasing a championship.

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If, in the middle of last season, someone were to tell you that the Rams were going to a true threat to win their division, conference, and play in the Super Bowl would you really believe them?

Of course not. Not when you consider how bad Jared Goff was as a rookie, all of the drama that followed then-head coach Jeff Fisher, and the inability to disconnect themselves from a losing record or sub-par season.

Sean McVay has done away with those, and now it’s paying early dividends for the franchise. Without Wentz, the Eagles won’t be awful with Nick Foles under center, but they will not be the same. Also in Week 14, the Minnesota Vikings saw their long winning streak come to a screeching halt thanks to a win from Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

What does this mean for the Rams?

It means out of the top teams still fighting for seeding, they’re the ones with the best team moving forward even though they lost at home on Sunday. Los Angeles can still absolutely win their division, with the only foreseeable roadblock being a preventable blunder to allow the Seahawks into the driver’s seat.

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But as long as they do their job, the dream of playing in the Super Bowl to end this season might not be as far-fetched as we all figured it’d be a year ago.