Lakers Trade Rumors: How they can land Paul George now instead of later

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Josh Hart is on the outside looking in anyway

When first reading this, there are going to be people that immediately are against moving Josh Hart for the simple fact that, to them, it might be too early to do such a thing. However, in such a universe as the one in which the Lakers operate, it is never too early to give up on a budding or developing player.

But don’t tell D’Angelo Russell that.

In any case, the Thunder bite on this part of the deal especially when it comes to them having a player that could replace Andre Roberson in the near future. The catch with Hart is that he’s unproven, but what’s that to them when Roberson hasn’t done much anyway?

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Roberson, at least to this point this season, is averaging less than five points and five rebounds per game with one assist also thrown in the mix. Oklahoma City could be where Josh Hart finds starting minutes and possibly shines while out of the Lakers’ shadow.

There’s too much in the Los Angeles back court, anyway.

Also, this deal involving Hart and Deng is assuming that the Lakers don’t move Jordan Clarkson or Julius Randle at some point. They might still find other trade suitors, but if they’re able to land Paul George without giving Randle or Clarkson up, the thought there is that they’d keep their key players from the second unit.

I don’t have a problem with this deal, as long as the Lakers stick to their guns about what they want. Not being clear about how they plan to get back to being great is one of the weak points of this new front office.

And not being able to seemingly decide on whether it’s free agency or the young core they’re grooming that is more important to them, this would be a move in the direction they seem to be leaning towards.

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Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Lakers are going to be the winners of this trade, but it would get them a guy that’s been on their radar long enough and it would be actions instead of words this time.