Lakers were never going to get LeBron James anyway

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The Lakers adding LeBron James was out of their league to begin with.

When rumors had first started circulating that LeBron James was considering leaving Cleveland for the second time in his career and that Los Angeles was a highly plausible destination, that is where those same rumors should have stopped.

Of course he’s not coming to the Lakers. He might applaud Lonzo Ball in his rookie campaign, but that doesn’t mean anything. Los Angeles doesn’t have the right pieces in play to help LeBron James win now, and he’ll be more stressed out doing any sort of playoff push in purple and gold than with Cleveland.

News about the situation first emerged from ESPN, and was quickly echoed by Bleacher Report.

But we really should have all known this was the way things have been from the beginning. The fact that so many people bought into the hype of LeBron James coming to Los Angeles don’t seem to know the right information.

This isn’t to say exactly that James will decide to stay in Cleveland as a free agent, but think about it for a second — what do the Lakers really have to offer? I mean, sure, he might really like the idea of Magic Johnson in the front office. That’s cool and all, but the talent level just isn’t there and the only reason it seems like he’d move is to focus on the ventures he has outside of basketball.

Brandon Ingram hasn’t been consistent, Lonzo Ball has had historically bad shooting numbers but has been average everywhere else, and questions still remain about how the coaching situation will pan out in the long run and whether or not Luke Walton will remain their guy.

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Oh yeah, and then there’s LaVar Ball. If we think that LaVar Ball has already been a distraction, we’ve seen nothing yet if James decides to play on the same team as his son. It’s a train wreck waiting to happen, and the Lakers are better off without him.