Lakers Rumors: Seven dark horse free agents to pursue this summer

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Doug McDermott

If the Lakers decide to let Julius Randle walk in his own respective free agency decision, that’s okay. They may stick with Larry Nance Jr. as the starting power forward, but I think we can all at least agree on the fact that rookie Kyle Kuzma will not make that an easy decision moving forward.

In any case, whichever way the starting position is decided by the summertime, the Lakers will likely need a third forward to throw into that part of the rotation, and that is where they can pursue a guy like Doug McDermott.

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He’s played with Oklahoma City and Chicago outside of this season that he’s spent so far with the Knicks. He won’t be coming off any sort of crazy pay day, and will enter free agency making just $2.6 million after the current season concludes.

if the Knicks can manage to somehow make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference, I think they have a more than fair shot at trying to get McDermott back in their hands. 8.5 points per game to go with around three rebounds per contest aren’t terrible numbers, but they definitely aren’t starting lineup worthy.

I would say in order for the Lakres to pursue this kind of contract, they need to be absolutely certain who their real starter should be. In the case of going with Larry Nance Jr., they need to have a stronger argument for why Kyle Kuzma is best left on the second unit.

However, if you were to put Kuzma in the starting lineup for good around that time or at least towards the end, if not before the end, of the regular season it makes things a lot easier.

A deal for McDermott that I think would be fair in this case is something to tune of two years and $6 million.