Lakers Rumors: What LA should pitch to Klay Thompson in 2019

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They know a thing or two about being on top

Klay Thompson is a two-time NBA champion and has had probably the least credit out of anyone on the Golden State Warriors for helping them win in 2015 and 2017, respectively. Having to play alongside Stephen Curry is one thing — especially when your shooting can match his or be better than his on some nights — but when Golden State added Kevin Durant last summer, that really took away from what Thompson offered.

Still, the Warriors are finding a way to continue to win in dominant fashion. However, all good things can come to an end at some point, and the Lakers are the ultimate roadblock for any chance of the Warriors establishing any sort of dynasty.

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Even if they make it to the NBA Finals and win it all again, Thompson will still be third in command and by then, it may bug him enough to where he’ll be open to hearing what other teams have to say.

It’s not like he won’t have offers and teams won’t try, but the Lakers have precedent. Los Angeles has yet to land a truly valuable free agent in several seasons as well, and they could pitch to Klay the fact that they know how to develop him into an even better and cement his status as an all-time player.

The longer Thompson stays in Golden State, the more he’ll have to deal with shots going to Durant or Curry instead of him when he could be easily getting the most touches and opportunities on any of the other 29 teams in the association.

Los Angeles is second to only Boston in terms of overall championships. So leaving the Warriors won’t be about money. It’s not a money issue for Thompson, and that only helps the Lakers when they make their pitch to him.

It will have also been long enough between Kobe Bryant’s retirement and the time they meet to establish a chance for Thompson to take over. It’s the only thing they can give him off the bat that Golden State can’t, and legacy might just be enough to get it done.