Lakers Rumors: What LA should pitch to Klay Thompson in 2019

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Klay could finally get his chance to play on the same team his father did

It’s a very different approach to the game of basketball when family gets involved. We’ve seen some big name superstars come to their home town team while also watching players leave good teams to create better ones.

While this is certainly one of the latter scenarios, the younger Thompson would get to represent his own part of the Lakers dynasty like his father, Mychal, before him. Mychal Thompson spent five years of his career with the Lakers, from the mid-80’s to the early 90’s.

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Not only that, but he played at the same time in Los Angeles that Hall of Fame point guard Magic Johnson did, who now runs things for the Lakers as team president. Compare that to what the Warriors can offer him — one, maybe two more rings and playing third fiddle — and it’s not even a close decision.

Now there is always the chance that Thompson rejects the idea of leaving Golden State, as he’s stayed there since he was drafted and has done well despite what’s gone on around him.

But if he can get the chance to out-perform his father and have that to his name on top of already being a two-time champion, the Lakers will be in the final running for the answer to their shooting guard woes.

Thompson would be wise to take the opportunity to play for them while he still can, as his free agency will come at the age of 29 with at least two rings already.