Lakers proved they have what it takes to hang with the Warriors

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They’re one big man away from having the edge over Golden State

If it weren’t for their lack of ability to find a quality center, the Lakers would arguably have an edge over the Warriors already, and I will explain why. No it’s not blasphemy, but rather based on the fact that the entirety of Golden State runs through three guys — Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Draymond Green.

Nobody else leads the team in any major category, and Curry only leads in steals per game with Durant leading scoring and blocks while Green has the lead in rebounds and assists per night. The Warriors have no big man game, despite what Zaza Pachulia and JaVale McGee would like you to believe.

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Pachulia is averaging just 14 minutes and change on the floor and in that time puts out roughly five points and five rebounds with an assist every now and then. As for McGee, he plays for about eight minutes per game and only puts in under four points and about two rebounds.

With Brook Lopez now out for a month due to injury, the Lakers have a chance to make a move for a center around the league if they can find the right suitor. If that were to happen, the Lakers would be on pace, if not slightly ahead, of the way the Warriors are playing this season.

It won’t take a lot from a big man to give better numbers than what Pachulia and McGee are doing. One possible scenario that could open up if Los Angeles makes the right offer is a potential deal with New Orleans to send Anthony Davis to the Lakers.

Should that happen, there’s no doubt in my mind the Lakers could win a seven game series over Golden State.