Lakers proved they have what it takes to hang with the Warriors

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It’s the one elite team Luke Walton can take down

Lakers head coach Luke Walton is the final thing that can push the Lakers over the edge to beating the Warriors. As the former interim coach for the defending champions, Walton just needs the right talent and chemistry to take down Golden State.

All that he has to do is find the right balance when it comes to approaching Lonzo Ball. It’s been a unique situation, to say the least, but so far the second year head coach has handled criticism from LaVar about as professionally as he can.

The best part about all of this part, though, is the fact when it comes down to what the elder Ball and Walton want, it’s the same goal in mind. They both know that they’ll likely have to face Golden State early on in the playoffs if they are to make it to the postseason.

They also both know that in order to actually win a seven game series against them, Lonzo is going to have to play lights out. However, this where the two roads separate. LaVar Ball thinks Walton is too soft of a coach for Lonzo, while Lonzo has yet to say anything about those specific comments by his father.

Ball is learning, and the more he does that — and the sooner — the better. Walton is also more in touch, it seems, than his predecessor in Byron Scott. It was no secret that Scott and then point guard for Los Angeles, D’Angelo Russell, did not like each other.

This commotion only lead to more chaos and didn’t get the team anywhere whatsoever. As long as Walton doesn’t allow any of the things said off the court affect the team’s play on the court, the Lakers are in the right hands moving forward.

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And if they can take down the Warriors, they can take down anybody.