Los Angeles Chargers: Don’t worry, the Bolts are still alive

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(Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images /

There is just no quit in the Los Angeles Chargers this season.

Forget everything people said about the team moving from San Diego, the Chargers are for real regardless of how you feel about them at this point. They’ve come from an 0-4 start where they were so close to winning a handful of those games anyway, and are now 8-7 with a living, breathing, shot at the postseason.

If they make it, it’ll be as the sixth and final seed, but what do they care? It would also mean that no home games in the playoffs for the latest LA football team — but again, who cares?

The fact that we’re even talking about them or this scenario heading into Week 17 is ridiculous in its own right. With that being said, here’s all they need to happen in order to make it to the postseason and have a date with Jacksonville in the wild card round.

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They’ll need the help of the Jaguars, ironically, as they’ll have to either beat or tie with Tennessee for the Chargers to keep their dream alive. Los Angeles also needs to help themselves in the final week of the regular season, by defending home field against the woeful Oakland Raiders.

It’s not a lot, we know that. But asking this of the Chargers feels about as likely as the Browns’ playoff chances a few weeks ago when they were 0-10 and weren’t mathematically eliminated yet.

It seems simple, but the team has found a way to make this season anything but that. However, this will be a great moment for fans to hold their breath and see what the Los Angeles Chargers are all about.

I don’t see Philip Rivers going down without a fight, but they could be in a place where the Jags destroy the Titans and LA just doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain.

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If that’s the case, we’ll get a repeat of Jags versus Titans in round one of the AFC playoffs and no happy ending for the Chargers.