The Los Angeles Clippers have no reason not to pursue Kawhi Leonard

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Here’s why it’d be more surprising if the Los Angeles Clippers didn’t aggressively go after the San Antonio Spurs forward soon.

Things aren’t going as bad as they necessarily could be for the Los Angeles Clippers, but they’d be admittedly better if they were to somehow acquire Kawhi Leonard. After seeming to grow more and more distant from the Spurs organization this season, the relationship between San Antonio and the star forward might be coming to an abrupt end.

Fresh off of a year where they’ve dealt Chris Paul and Blake Griffin in addition to losing Luc Mbah a Moute and J.J. Redick, the Los Angeles Clippers could use a fresh face.

Add to that the fact that they failed to trade DeAndre Jordan at the All-Star break, which counts him as good as gone in the off-season, and it only ups the ante. Outside of Lou Williams, they don’t have a true star yet.

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There is a lot of potential with the pieces they have in place, even now, but adding Kawhi Leonard to the mix would get them right back in the swing of things and might even make them better than they were before.

Leonard needs a new environment away from the Spurs to show us if he’s going to be the same player coming back from injury. If not, at least the Los Angeles Clippers bought into him at the only time they’d really ever have a chance to have him play for them.

Also, if they want to really keep Doc Rivers moving forward, that’s really their only excuse. Keeping the cast that they’ve currently got on the roster minus DeAndre Jordan is going to need a fresh coaching approach more than anything else.

Kawhi can keep things stable on that end of the organization and from there they can focus on nothing but business. It’s get them out of the gutter quicker than a solid draft night or even most other trades would.

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You would think the Los Angeles Clippers see this opportunity as a no-brainer, but we’ll have to wait and see what they do in response to the whole situation.