Dodgers: A fan’s perspective of a disappointing first week

PHOENIX, AZ - APRIL 02: Yasiel Puig (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
PHOENIX, AZ - APRIL 02: Yasiel Puig (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

The Los Angeles Dodgers opened the 2018 season with a dud, posting a 2-5 record in the first seven games. After the slow start, we decided to reach out to the fans to get their take.

It is probably safe to say that many confident fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers did not expect 2018 to start this way. Just five months removed from nearly winning the World Series, a 2-5 start to the season seemed laughable.

Except now it isn’t; it is a reality the Dodgers and the fans must face.

Don’t get it twisted, this start represents less than five percent of the MLB season and is not a concrete example of how the Dodgers will play in 2018. However, what this slow start has shown is there can be cracks in the foundation. This Dodgers team may not be as perfect as the fans thought.

Of course, everyone will react to the situation differently. Some will write the season off completely; some with say that these games do not matter at all. Both responses are on the extreme edge of the spectrum.

To gauge how fans really feel, I reached out to one of the most rational fans I know, Frank (known as FrankTalkLA on Twitter). Frank is a great follow for any Dodger fans looking for rational insight, witty humor and constantly debunking any crazy “Fraudman Twitter” theories he sees.

I reached out to Frank with five questions to see how he is gauging the start of the season. His responses were as thoughtful as they were insightful; likely encompassing how the “average” Dodger fan feels right about now.

Question one: First and foremost, coming completely from a fan’s perspective, what is your take on the inconsistency of the Dodgers offense through a week of play?


Naturally, there are a few contributing factors at play here. Firstly, the injury to Justin Turner. This is had a greater domino effect on the offense than most seemed to anticipate. Turner is the Dodgers best hitter and of course, no one has been able to fill those shoes yet.

Yasiel Puig has made good contact batting third but doesn’t have much to show for it. After him, Corey Seager, Cody Bellinger and everyone else seems to be pressing too much in an attempt to make up for the missing All-Star.

In addition to the absence of JT, I would say the batting order along with some tactical decisions during key moments have been questionable.

Question two: Which Dodger have you been the least impressed with? Most impressed with?

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Logan Forsythe is unimpressive to me. He plays a solid defensive second base but other than that he is a guy I can gladly do without on the team. Some would say Kyle Farmer here but I go to Logan because of the expectations attached to him.

I’m going to cheat here and say Andrew Toles. Obviously, he isn’t on the big club at the moment but what he showed during the spring in his return from the injury has left me thinking he can provide a similar type of spark to the team that we have seen from other early-season call-ups in recent seasons.

Question three: Do you take this as a sign of whats to come for the season?


Obviously, it is a tiny sample size and the chances of the Dodgers maintaining this record is slim to none.

However, do you think this is a sign that the offense might not be as good as we all thought? No. Unless Turner is out longer than expected, I think his return, along the eventual arrival of the aforementioned Toles, will get the offense performing well as a whole. We simply need to wait it out.

Question four: Switching the emphasis over to pitching, what are your thoughts on Kenley Jansen? Should we be worried about him? Do you think it is just injury/mechanical issues or do you think it could be telling of the future?


I think it is absolutely mechanical issues related to his spring training injury. That, along with some rust has led to a really slow start, to say the least. Admittedly, there is likely some hope mixed in with that sentiment.

Question five:  Finally, as a fan, what is the storyline you are most closely watching as the season transpires? Offensive woes, Kenley (Jansen), (Clayton) Kershaw, Matt Kemp!?



For the team and the World Series loss. For Kershaw and his health/Cy Young award/postseason performance. For Justin Turner. In my opinion, an injured Turner was the biggest difference in the World Series loss, much like it is for this early cold spell.

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I would like to thank Frank for taking the time to answer the questions I sent his way. His sentiments around Andrew Toles hit spot-on; while I think Matt Kemp has arguably been one of the best offensive Dodgers thus far, Toles could provide that spark that the Dodgers’ need.

Personally, it is hard for me to see Toles getting the call anytime soon unless the Dodgers give-up on the Joc Pederson at first base experiment.

Although it is a bit of fantasy managing (however that is not out of Dave Roberts’ realm of possibility) perhaps the team could move Chris Taylor back to second base and play either Yasiel Puig or Andrew Toles in center; the other in right.

Just a thought, but it would eliminate Logan Forsythe’s lack of production while carving a way for Toles in the starting lineup.

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