Ducks Playoff Hockey: A conversation after attending game one

ANAHEIM, CA - APRIL 12: Derek Grant (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
ANAHEIM, CA - APRIL 12: Derek Grant (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images) /

The Los Angeles Kings are not the only Southern California team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. As a Kings’ fan, I decided to attend the Anaheim Ducks’ opener.

With playoff hockey in full force, Southern California has two hockey teams back in the playoffs once again. For some that may mean divided loyalties, but also with both teams playing the first round in two different series a unique opportunity to go to playoff games in both venues.

This writer had the unique opportunity to interview an avowed hockey fan who has Los Angeles Kings season tickets but went down to see the Anaheim Ducks face the San Jose Sharks in game one of their first-round series.

So here is my conversation with myself over being in enemy territory for a playoff hockey game.

Writer: Thanks for joining us at LA Sports Hub to talk about playoff hockey.

Me: My pleasure, as they say “Let’s do that hockey.”

Writer: You’re a Kings’ season ticket holder (STH), why would you drive 90 minutes in rush hour traffic to cheer your rival?

Me: Well going to get my dry cleaning 10 blocks away means spending an hour on the  road so what’s 90 minutes to the “Orange Curtain.” Also, let me stop you on something; the Ducks are not our rivals. That is something brought up by both fan bases, Ducks fans have an inferiority complex because they’re the new kids on the block. Kings fans have some strange superiority complex by being on the scene first despite being mediocre most of my life.

Writer:  So then why go?

Me: Because I hate the Sharks and I wanted to see them lose.

Writer: How did that go? (Interviewee proceeded to kick a hole in the wall)

Me: They lost 3-0, I should apologize to Ducks fans in all my years of going to hockey games I’ve never seen them lose in person that’s three seasons as Kings STH and two playoff games. I’m a big fat jinx.

Writer: So you were there on purpose to make them lose?

Me: No I legitimately though a different team could do something my Kings couldn’t —beat the Sharks with me in the building. (Kicks another hole in the wall)

Writer: Are there any Ducks players you like?

Me: I can appreciate Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf 13 seasons with one club, sacrificing his body every year for the team despite having been teammates with Corey Perry.

Writer: I take it you don’t like Corey Perry?

Me: Let me correct you on that, nobody likes Corey Perry. Let’s just say if my choices were eating a raw onion whole or shaking Corey Perry’s hand, I’d opt for red onions; they tend to be sweeter.

Writer: Did you enjoy the game experience.

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Me: Well hockey being what it is, you’re going to hear a lot of AC/DC, Guns and Roses, and Metallica. Having been in five different arenas for NHL hockey, you get laser shows, “ref you suck chants,” and booing the Sharks.

Writer: So nothing special?

Me: I wouldn’t say that, playoff hockey is unique in the intensity of the atmosphere. Despite not having skin in the game you still get excited when a player takes the puck up the ice or goalie makes a big save. I’ll give the Honda Center credit, even sitting in the back row of the arena you get a great view of the whole ice and the lines for food and beer moved pretty fast in between periods.

Writer: Would you go back to a Ducks game?

Me: Of course…I love hockey and despite the Ducks looking slow and turnover prone I still want them to beat the Sharks. Besides as they say “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

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Writer: Can we get your thoughts on Drew Doughty being suspended for game two against the Vegas Golden Knights.

Me: INTERVIEW OVER!!! (Proceeds to kick more holes in the wall while crying).