The Los Angeles Rams are the NFL’s most complete team

SANTA CLARA, CA - SEPTEMBER 21: Jared Goff (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
SANTA CLARA, CA - SEPTEMBER 21: Jared Goff (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

The last phase of a busy offseason, the 2018 NFL Draft, is completed; the conclusion is simple: the Los Angeles Rams are the NFL’s most complete team.

The Los Angeles Rams not only had the busiest offseason, the team also had the best offseason. From trades, to free agent signings to the 2018 NFL Draft, the Rams built upon a quick turnaround to produce the perhaps one of the most well-rounded teams in recent NFL history.

Every NFL team, even the best ones, has holes on the roster. The Philadelphia Eagles had a weak secondary and an ok offensive line. The New England Patriots had an even worse secondary. Minnesota did not have a reliable quarterback and neither did Jacksonville.

It is very rare to see a complete football team. In fact, there may not have ever been a “complete” team. Every team has its weaknesses that can be exposed by the best coaches in the NFL.

That was until now.

The Los Angeles Rams have emerged as the NFL’s most complete team after this offseason. Not only are the Rams the deepest and most well-rounded heading into the season, the team may be the most talented NFL team of the last decade.

This team has not played a single snap together and I am going as far as to say that. It is crazy, I know, but this is a team that went 11-5 last year and is only getting more experience and is only getting better.

The Rams were set for a game or two of improvement with the natural progression of the team alone. Add in the key new additions and it truly is hard to find a single position in which the Rams are struggling.

One could point to the perimeter of the defensive line and the linebacker core. However, the Rams fixed this with two excellent draft picks in Micah Kiser and Ogbonnia Okoronkwo. Kiser should be able to sum up the holes at middle linebacker while Okoronkwo can be a legitimate threat on the outside.

Let’s not forget, the team also has Michael Brockers, who needs a place to play after Los Angeles signed Ndamukong Suh to play alongside Aaron Donald in the interior of the line.

Transitioning to that, the Rams have arguably the best front two we have ever seen in the NFL. Aaron Donald is the best defensive player in the league and Suh has the potential to be a top-10 defensive player. Both are going to thrive next to each other and feed off of each other to get to the quarterback.

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Prior to all of this, though, the team’s biggest need was at cornerback. How did the Rams solve this problem? By trading for two Pro Bowl cornerbacks. The same secondary that was awful three months ago is now one of the best in football.

Offensively, the Rams already had all the pieces in place. Although the offensive line is old, it was still very productive last season.

Quarterback whisperer Sean McVay was able to turn Jared Goff into a star and Todd Gurley became the NFL’s best running back. The only loss the offense did have, Sammy Watkins, was upgraded with Brandin Cooks.

This really leaves just one more position that can be considered weak and that is at the tight end position. Neither Tyler Higbee or Gerald Everett have put up starting caliber numbers at the position.

However, Higbee is only 25 and Everett is only 23. The two young tight ends are only going to get better. And heck, even if the duo does only combine for 600 yards and two touchdowns, that is just adding to the high-profile offense that doesn’t really need great passing tight ends.

Aside from that, there are no real glaring weaknesses on the Los Angeles Rams’ roster. It may be a bold claim, but not only are the Rams the NFL’s most complete team in 2018, their roster matches that of the best teams in NFL history.

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This season is going to be so exciting to watch the Los Angeles Rams. If everything goes as planned, the Rams should be blowing out the opposition in most of the games.