The Los Angeles Lakers need to sign LeBron James — No matter what

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We’ve heard the speculation for months. Yes, the Los Angeles Lakers should sign LeBron James — no matter what.

There’s only one person in NBA history who can say they’ve beaten the Boston Celtics twice in a game seven. That person is Lebron James and that should be good enough for the Los Angeles Lakers to pursue him in free agency.

Not only should the Lakers pursue LeBron they should stop at nothing to sign him. If LeBron says he wants 23 yellow M&M’s before every game then do it, if he asks for his own row on the chartered plane then do it, if the Lebron wants 50% stake ownership of the team when his career is over then I say do it!

Do whatever it takes to sign the best player on the planet. If Magic Johnson wants me to believe that he and general manager Rob Pelinka can return the Lakers to prominence then they need to close the deal.

Some would argue that signing LeBron would be a bad idea because he’s getting older, I would say who cares. At the age of 34, LeBron almost averaged a triple-double for the season with a slash line of 27.2/9.1/8.6 all while playing all 82 games for the season.

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In the playoffs, LeBron has stepped his game and averaged a triple double with a slash line of 43.2/11.2/11.7. He’s done this by dragging his teammates into the eight consecutive NBA Finals of his career.

In the Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron brought his teammates back from 0-2 deficit to defeat the Boston Celtics on their home court in game seven where LeBron scored or assisted on 21 of their 30 made field goals.

Forget the superstardom, that’s the kind of efficiency the Lakers have been missing since the prime years of Kobe Bryant.

I’ve seen on social media people arguing that signing LeBron would stunt the Lakers development plans, I say screw the development plan. This isn’t trading for a disinterested Dwight Howard and a broken down Steve Nash, this is trading for the best player in the world who has extended his career with impeccable health.

Also, it’s dumb to think that the young Lakers don’t continue to develop with one of the greatest players of all-time. Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, and Lonzo Ball can not only learn about the nuances of LeBron’s game but they will learn something that has been missing from the team: winning.

You know what else signing LeBron signifies, it means the Lakers are once again a destination spot and people will want to play with LeBron. When he went to Miami both Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh took pay cuts to play with LeBron, Ray Allen would come along as well for a chance to play with LeBron.

You think Paul George won’t want to play with LeBron or other veterans who have championship mettle. All of a sudden, the Los Angeles Lakers go from babies a strong mix of superstars, young and old.

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Signing Lebron should be the Lakers ultimate goal for this summer, it’s an accelerator boost to their chances of once again being a contender in the NBA.