Los Angeles Lakers: Which Lakers are among LeBron’s best teammates?

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1. Chris Bosh

I wanted to include Chris Bosh in the forwards part of this ranking but he spent most of his time on the Miami Heat as a center so he makes it as a center on this list.

Much like Kevin Love, Chris Bosh often was the one left one in Miami, and while he was not viewed as big of a scapegoat, he did not have the same star power of James nor Wade and played third-fiddle.

That should not take away from how good and productive Bosh was as he was an all-star every single year in Miami, even after LeBron left for the Cleveland Cavaliers. What is crazy about it is the fact that his 18 should be similar to what Kuzma produces this season.

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2. Anderson Varejao

Anderson Varejao was LeBron James’ most popular teammate before he took his talents to South Beach and played alongside Wade and Bosh. While Varejao was no star, nor an all-star for that manner, he was a huge defensive piece for the Cleveland Cavaliers that helped the team make the NBA Finals in 2007.

Varejao was not a huge scorer or rebounder and his best seasons actually came after James left the Cavaliers. However, he was always a great rebounder and really served as LeBron’s sidekick in his first stint in Cleveland.

While being a sidekick is not the most desirable role in sports, just about everyone would serve as LeBron’s sidekick.

3. Tristan Thompson

This one was hard to pick as Tristan Thompson was really bad last season in Lebron’s last year in Cleveland and looked like a shell of his former self. Although his production was never really that high either, he was a big piece in the Cavaliers defeating the smaller Golden State Warriors.

Thompson gave the Cavaliers that size and presence down low that the team would have desperately lacked. While his scoring metrics were not great, having Thompson as your fifth scoring option is not so bad whatsoever.

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Most importantly, Thompson was very good at snagging rebounds and snagged nine rebounds a game in the Cavaliers’ title-winning season. If only there were someone decent on the Lakers to take this spot from him.