Los Angeles Rams must rely heavily on Todd Gurley against Bears

The Los Angeles Rams have a very tough matchup against the Chicago Bears in Week 14 and must rely on the legs of their star running back, Todd Gurley.

The Los Angeles Rams are heading into a very, very difficult Week 14 game against the Chicago Bears.

The Rams have played the Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Chargers, three of the four other teams in most people’s top-five list (Houston/New England being the other, depending on who you ask).

The Rams are 2-1 in those games. Some may say that Week 14’s game against the Bears is not as challenging as those four. I would say it is right up in there.

The one advantage the Rams had in those games is the fact that the Chiefs, Saints and Chargers all have high-profile offenses that the Rams could go toe-to-toe with. While the Saints did get the best of LA, those matchups were good for the Rams.

This game, meanwhile, is completely different. The Rams are heading to Chicago on the second Sunday of December, which is prime Chicago weather. The high on Sunday is 33 degrees.

The Bears might be coming off a loss but are getting quarterback Mitchell Trubisky back. Trubisky has been playing much better than anyone outside of Chicago expected and the difference between him and Chase Daniels, who is one of the better backup quarterbacks, was evident.

Most importantly, the Chicago Bears boast arguably the best defense in the NFL. The Rams did not have to deal with this kind of a headache against these other four teams. With the cold weather in play and a menacing pass-rush and secondary, it is safe to say that Jared Goff probably won’t have a great day.

The Rams gameplan instead should be to rely on Todd Gurley like the team did in Denver earlier on the season to use his pure skill and athleticism to win the game. Even with Trubisky, the Rams still have a much better offense to work with and need to control the pace and tempo of the game.

The best way to do that is by running the ball down the defense’s throat and there is no one better than that in Todd Gurley.

Even in the passing game, the Los Angeles Rams should be turning to Gurley more than ever. Checkdown passes and screens should be heaved towards Gurley all day as the Rams look to slowly and methodically drive downfield.

Saquon Barkley had quite the game against this Bears defense in the cold weather last week. There is no reason why Gurley cannot do the same this week.

If you play daily fantasy, I would definitely shy away from Jared Goff and go all-in on Todd Gurley. It is going to be a massive day for the Los Angeles Rams running back.