Los Angeles Clippers have the best roster to win a title

The Los Angeles Clippers added two superstars late Friday night and now have the best title-winning roster in the entire league.

It was looking bleak for the Los Angeles Clippers prior to the ground shattering news that literally shook the ground in Southern California (yes, this is another earthquake joke).

If the Los Angeles Clippers did not get Kawhi Leonard then the direction of the franchise was cloudy. They would have missed out on all other stars and with next year’s free agent class being extremely thin, the team could not really postpone for a year.

And while the team had assets to get a decent all-star, the team still needed that number one, established guy like Kawhi Leonard. That is exactly what the team got.

That is why the Clippers were willing to send the Oklahoma City Thunder a historic trade package for Paul George. George was the key to getting Leonard and hence the Clippers sent a package that trumps the package for Anthony Davis, despite Davis being the better all-around player.

And now the Clippers have the two superstar duo that every fan was hoping for, albeit nobody really expected one of those stars to be Paul George.

Now the discussion throughout the league is which team has the best title-winning team on paper. For the first time in what has felt like forever, the league is balanced and there is not one dominant team that is heads and shoulders above the rest, like the Golden State Warriors.

And when examining the status of the rest of the league, it becomes clear that the Los Angeles Clippers currently have the best roster constructed to win the NBA Championship. That does not mean it is a guarantee, as a lot of things can happen, but today, as it stands, it is hard to ignore the Clippers.

It is not like the Warriors where the Clippers are much better than the rest of the league. In fact, it is a closer discussion then most Clipper fans probably like to admit, as they are high on the news of having a new super team.

Just in their own city they are staring down at the Los Angeles Lakers. If you measure it just in star power, the Lakers have the advantage as the duo of Anthony Davis and LeBron James outweighs Leonard and George.

However, when you expand the boundaries it becomes clear the Clippers are the better team. The Lakers did make some good depth signings, which included DeMarcus Cousins, but still fall short of what the Clippers have.

The Clippers have the star power, they have the depth that proved last year to be better than expected, which includes the best sixth man in the league in Lou Williams. Every title-winning team has a great bench guy and the Clippers have THE best bench guy right not.

It is not just the depth that is exciting, but it is the defense that the Clippers are going to throw at the opposition.

The trio of Patrick Beverley, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard is far and away the best defensive trio in the league. Throw Montrezl Harrell in there, who is a good defender himself, and it is going to be very hard to score against the Clippers.

The Lakers and other teams are going to have no problem scoring points with their stars, it is on the defensive side where the speedbumps lie. The Clippers not only do not have those defensive speedbumps, but they could be the best defensive team in the league.

So you have an elite defensive team with two great scorers, the best bench guy in basketball and a bunch of guys who have been counted out before and have a lot to prove?

Sounds like the perfect title formula to me. There is still a long way to go, but right now, it is hard to pick against the Los Angeles Clippers.