Los Angeles Lakers: What we liked, loved and hated vs. the Brooklyn Nets

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(Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers took on the Brooklyn Nets in Shangai, China on Thursday and were handed their first preseason loss of the year.

Despite all of the ongoing controversy between the NBA and China, the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets still laced up their shoes and played a preseason game in front of the Shangai crowd.

After winning their preseason opener against the Golden State Warriors, the Los Angeles Lakers were bested by a Brooklyn Nets team that was without both Kyrie Irving, and obviously, Kevin Durant.

Just like some fans overreacted about the preseason win (including the Lakers’ official Twitter account putting the league on notice), some have overreacted about this preseason loss. Yes, they lost to a team without any stars, but just like the opening win of the preseason, this game does not matter.

The wins and losses do not matter and instead of looking at that aspect of it, I advise fans to look at the content we saw in the game and what it means for the upcoming season.

That is the approach we are taking with this game and is the approach we are going to try to take with every preseason game. Here is one thing we liked, one thing we loved and one thing we hated about the preseason loss.

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