Los Angeles Lakers: LeBron and AD’s dominant display in Dallas

After a nice win against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Los Angeles Lakers headed on their first road trip of the season. They opened it up against the young dynamic duo of Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis. The battle was won by the much more experienced dynamic duo this time.

The Los Angeles Lakers‘ two stars had themselves a game, especially LeBron James, who looked like a much younger version of himself tonight. It was a monster game for LeBron, as he had 39 points, 16 assists, and 12 rebounds. He played close to perfect, hitting big shots, putting the team on his back when it was needed and making smart passes.

LeBron hit from the three a lot more consistently tonight. He made all the plays that needed to be made. It was a very impressive game from LeBron, and I’m sure we will see more impressive games from Bron this year.

Anthony Davis started out slow and didn’t really get going until late in the game. Once he did get going, however, it was almost impossible to stop. AD gave the team a much-needed boost and in doing so took the pressure off of LeBron in the process. AD still got 31 points and eight rebounds. He had himself a night too and I don’t think anyone would expect less.

The role players were the worst part of the team. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope did not play good defense or shoot the ball well at all and still had 21 minutes. Kyle Kuzma did not have a great debut, but with this being the first game back from an injury, it isn’t too surprising.

Troy Daniels started off cold and never got another chance to be in the game. JaVale McGee was not really effective and lacked on the defensive end. Overall, it was a disappointing outing from most of the role players.

Alex Caruso showed out with a highlight poster dunk. But, other than that, Caruso wasn’t very effective. Avery Bradley had a decent outing with 11 points and a solid defensive game, even though Luka Doncic managed to beat Avery more often than not. Avery almost lost the Lakers the game with a missed mid-range shot as well.

Dwight Howard had another impressive game, not so much scoring-wise, but he managed to get eight rebounds. What Dwight did that made him have an impressive game was his work on the defensive end. He blocked a couple of big shots and stayed solid in the post.

Danny Green lived up to his nickname dead-shot. When it mattered the most, he knocked down the game-tying shot to take the Los Angeles Lakers into overtime. Green gave the team the chance to win and they went out and did just that.

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The Los Angeles Lakers were not nearly as attached as they were the past few games. This felt less like a team game and more like a two best players carry the load for the win. It ended up being an entertaining game, but the Lakers cannot play like this every game. Next game I would expect the Lakers to play a more team-oriented game.