Los Angeles Lakers earn another win, the seventh straight

The Los Angeles Lakers have been on a tear recently. Getting win after win, the team seems to be closer and more connected every game they play. This was no different in the win against the Heat.

The first half was a rough watch for Los Angeles Lakers fans. The team was very lackadaisical and too relaxed. This led to the Heat actually keeping the game close for the entirety of the first half. There seemed to be almost little to no communication on the defensive end.

The team was also outrebounded in the first half, which led to too many second-chance points. The Lakers also missed a ton of open shots, which was uncharacteristic of Danny Green, Avery Bradley and Troy Daniels.

But,still, the team had bright spots in the first half. The ball movement was on point and more often than not beat the defense and zone the Heat started to play.

Anthony Davis was also a big bright spot in the first half. He played insanely well and didn’t miss a beat, making most of the shots he took. In the end, he stuffed the stat sheet with, 26 points, seven assists, and eight rebounds.

The second half is where the Lakers, as per usual it seems, played like they should’ve been the whole time. LeBron James was playing smarter it seemed. He made really nice passes and knew when to drive to the hoop or shoot from distance. He finished with 25 points with six assists.

There was much more communication overall. Both on the defensive and offensive end. This ended up tearing up the Heat’s defensive scheme. The communication showed with JaVale McGee having his best game yet this year. He scored only nine points but grabbed 10 rebounds.

The ball movement even improved in the second half. Which involved practically everyone in the game. The role-players did their jobs a lot better in the second half. Kuzma, who had a great game against Chicago, had himself a forgettable night.

The team only shot 25% from the three, which cannot happen again. The Lakers defense held up well in the win though. They held the Heat to only 17%! from the three and a 35% overall field goal percentage. They also held the Heat to only 80 points on the night. The Lakers defense is rated number one overall and it is showing night in and night out why it is.

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The Los Angeles Lakers face off against the Raptors on Sunday. They are going to need to be ready to continue to play at the high level they have been playing. Also, the Lakers are going to have to try to learn how to start strong and finish strong sooner, rather than later.