Los Angeles Lakers: Why LA’s duo is the most dynamic in the league

The Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James and Anthony Davis are one of the best duos in the league. The stats prove it and the fans know that both are great players. But, just how good are they together?

The Los Angeles Lakers big-time duo have been playing at the top of their game as of late. LeBron James and Anthony Davis have kept the Lakers at the top seed in the west and have meshed well together. LeBron has found a new wind with Anthony Davis’ help.

Here is a breakdown of just how good they have been.


Right now, LeBron leads the league in assists at 11.1 per game. With AD by his side that couldn’t be better for the team. Lobs galore and fast-break opportunities seem to be even more perfect with LeBron leading the pass.

Other duos don’t come close to the dynamic that LeBron and AD have in terms of passing, except for Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Both are in the top 10 of the league for assists. If there’s one thing they can do, it’s pass the ball.

Luka Doncic happens to be second in assists this season. The sophomore Luka looks better every time he plays. His fit with Porzingis is very similar to LeBron and AD’s. The duo in Dallas can match up and maybe even take down the Lakers Duo, eventually. They would have some catching up to do.


When LeBron said he wanted the team to run through AD, he wasn’t lying. AD is eighth in points per game in the league with 26.3 per game; which is probably just a great example of why LeBron might be leading the league in assists.

AD has been a monster this season and practically unstoppable. With LeBron by his side, I don’t think he has had it easier in his whole life. Again, the Houston duo almost mirrors the Lakers duo. Harden is the leader of the league in points per game with 37.3! and Russ happens to be near LeBron.

LeBron is 18th in the league in points per game averaging 23.9 and Russ is 21st averaging 21.9. One big glaring difference in this mirroring is the field goal percentage. The Houston duo is a tad bit worse in the field goal percentage category.

The young duo in Minnesota right now is actually playing at a really high level. Karl-Anthony Towns is 13th and Andrew Wiggins is 11th in the league in points per game at 25.5. Both of the young players are also shooting at a high level.

The duos in the league this year are all amazing this year. But only a select few have been exceptional so far, and the Los Angeles Lakers duo has been nothing but that.


Defensively so far, LeBron and AD have been shinning. AD has a defensive rating of 94.5. Making him third in the league only behind Rudy Gobert and his team-mate Dwight Howard. It seems AD was very serious about going for the defensive player of the year.

LeBron isn’t too far behind either, ranked 15th in the league with a 99.4 defensive rating. Both have been playing at an insanely high level of defense to start off the season.

Of course, the Clippers duo of Patrick Kawhi and Patrick Beverly come close to the Los Angeles Lakers duo. Kawhi is ranked eighth with a rating of 97.8 and Beverly is ranked 32nd in the league with a 101.7 rating. This does not come as a surprise, as it is known that both of those guys are high-level defensive players.

The Philly boys, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are off to a great start defensively as well. Embiid ranked seventh in the league with a rating of 97.5 and Simmons ranked 11th with a rating of 98.5.

It’s no secret that there are great defensive dynamic duos in the league. The stats prove that, even the Jazz players Mitchell and Gobert are a highly ranked duo defensively.


There seemed to be a trend looking through all of these leaders in the league. That both LeBron and AD are in practically every category. Whereas the other duos seem to be effective in one category or two.

LeBron and AD have not disappointed one bit. If they can keep this level of play up for the rest of the year. Then it wouldn’t really even be a contest. LeBron and AD would clearly be the best duo of the league.

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The only true, dynamic duo.