Los Angeles Lakers: LeBron James for MVP in his 17th season?

After a very weak first showing with the Los Angeles Lakers in his opening season, LeBron was put under a microscope. Leading to more and more people thinking he was at the beginning of the end for him. So far, LeBron this season couldn’t look farther away from being at the end of his career.

Over the summer the Los Angeles Lakers‘ big addition was Anthony Davis, but LeBron James is still proving to be the better player at age 34. In terms of being a team player, LeBron has been the exact definition of that this season.

He is doing so by leading the league in assists by trusting and dishing it out to his teammates more than ever, letting AD become the number one option over him and still scoring at his usual rate.

Not to mention his improvement on the defensive end of the floor. AD should be given some thanks for igniting the fire back into LeBron on the defensive end and challenging him to go for defensive player of the year.

LeBron has always been the most important player on all of the teams he has played for. This season is no exception. This is not to take away credit from AD, who has played stellar for the Lakers this season.

Instead, it is a testament to LeBron. Somehow he remains at the peak of his game as one of the older players in the league. LeBron still shoots well, knocks down more threes, still can dunk, and still makes the right plays, always.

It is a hard road for LeBron to be considered the true MVP this season. As, Luka Doncic, Giannis, and James Harden are all vying for that trophy. But, for LeBron to be put up with those names at this stage in his career is outlandish. And, at this point in his career, I don’t think he cares much if he does not get the MVP trophy.

It’s about championships for LeBron. However, adding a fifth MVP trophy certainly won’t hurt his legacy either.

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If, LeBron can keep up his play all year and the Los Angeles Lakers win the championship it would be very hard to not give him the nod at being the MVP of the league. Averaging 25.7 points, 11 assists and seven rebounds a game, LeBron has shown no signs of slowing down or handing over his crown any time soon.