Los Angeles Lakers lose four in a row with loss to Clippers

The Los Angeles Lakers have been struggling recently with LeBron James and Anthony Davis both missing a couple of games due to health. But, with both back in action against the Clippers, they still couldn’t get the win.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been playing tremendously bad these past couple of games. It seems like the ball is way too stagnant for extreme amounts of time. That happened Christmas night, as the Lakers had little to no ball movement in the second half of play, especially in the fourth quarter.

LeBron James. What a disappointing showing from the king. He shot awful from the field and shot way too many threes, most of which did not go down. He shot 9/24 from the field and only made 2/12 from deep.

LeBron still could have a lingering injury, but that is no excuse to play this poorly. He shouldn’t play at all if there is a risk of greater injury. He may have gotten 10 assists and nine rebounds, but that still wasn’t enough to help the team get a win.

Anthony Davis didn’t do a whole lot better. Making only 8/17 from the field and hitting only 1/6 from three! AD relies upon shooting the three a little too much and needs to learn he is practically unstoppable in the post. His defense was up to par. But only six rebounds seems like far too little for the big man.

Avery Bradley and Danny Green both started alongside AD and LeBron. Both failed to produce. Danny Green committed multiple fouls late in the game that led to the Clippers pulling away with the lead. He also only hit 2/7 from deep. Bradley didn’t seem to have a presence at all, only scoring once and not much else — it was a bad display from a good player.

Rajon Rondo needs to learn that he should not shoot threes if the game is close. Rondo has shot far too many threes and does not make enough to justify his three-point game. He also didn’t seem to lead the bench very well tonight making the game feel even more sloppy than it was.

Kyle Kuzma decided to show up for the game, coming out scorching hot, but ending ice-cold. Kuzma scored 25 points and was also sound defensively tonight, not letting easy baskets occur. Kuzma is definitely not to blame for the loss, but hopefully, this will make him realize how good he should be playing from here on out.

KCP played hard and tough. He added 13 points to the Lakers’ cause and played tough defense, even hurting himself while blocking what looked like an easy lay-up.

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There were a lot of missed opportunities on the Los Angeles Lakers’ end of the game. Shots that went in and out a little too frequently, bad defense happened too often, and bad coaching led to this loss. I would hope that the Lakers realize where they are headed if they don’t turn things around soon. Because right now, it’s not looking too bright.