3 Moves the Lakers Can Make to Keep LeBron James (Without Drafting Bronny)

The Los Angeles Lakers have to act with a sense of urgency this summer to make sure LeBron James is happy.
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Trade for Trae Young

Even though The Athletic reporter Jovan Buha recently reported that the Lakers are not too interested in trading for a third star, it may be their only chance to get back to contender status.

As good as LeBron James and Anthony Davis have been last season, it's evident that the Lakers don't have enough around them to contend for a title. Plus, at this stage of their careers, it's too much to ask of James & Davis to carry the workload they do in the regular season plus the playoffs.

For the Lakers to become a truly formidable team, James and Davis have to be able to manage their workload throughout the season so that they are fresh for the playoffs. For that to happen, the Lakers need an offensive engine to take on the regular season load.

Who better than Trae Young, who has consistently proven to be one of the best offensive players in the league?

Reporting out of Atlanta suggests that Young may be available in trade talks as they prepare for a potential rebuild. The Lakers have enough assets to trade for him using their three first-round picks.

Young and Davis would be an amazing pick-and-roll duo, while James and AD can cover for the defensive deficiencies he brings.

Young is arguably the best player the Lakers can realistically get this summer and they shouldn't miss the opportunity to put another star next to LeBron.