4 First-Time Head Coaches Lakers Should Consider Hiring

If the Los Angeles Lakers are looking for a first-time head coach, here are their four best options.
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The Los Angeles Lakers are still looking for their next head coach after firing Darvin Ham after two seasons. There will surely be an extensive search for the vacancy and there are plenty of qualified candidates for the position.

When the Lakers hired Ham two seasons ago, it was considered a surprise decision as he was a first-time head coach. Having an inexperienced head coach to lead the LeBron James-Anthony Davis duo was considered a risk as Ham had previously only been an assistant coach under Mike Budenholzer.

This shows that the front office, ownership, and LeBron James don't shy away from taking the risk of bringing in a first-time head coach. So, let's look at a few head coaching candidates that fit this bill.

1. JJ Redick

Redick is being consistently mentioned by the media and the fans because the former Duke star is a good friend of LeBron James and has a podcast with him. He is considered a prime candidate for the head coaching vacancy.

However, being a smart analyst isn't the same as being a head coach. Redick has been excellent as an X's and O's commentator since retiring but has no experience in player management and playcalling. This would be an even bigger risk than hiring Darvin Ham.

Perhaps this is the type of risk the Lakers should be taking. This team doesn't have the depth and the high-end talent of some of its brethren, so they need to make up the difference with high-level coaching. The unknown ceiling of Redick could perhaps be that difference-maker.