NFL In LA In Five Years? Miami Dolphins Owner Says Yes


According to NFL Media’s Jeff Darlington, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross seems very positive about the NFL giving Los Angeles their own football team once again.

“It’s not as simple as finding a place and putting a stadium there,” said Ross. “I think a lot of teams would like to be there, and certain teams should be there, and I think the NFL is very concentrated on a getting a team in the L.A. market.”

Ross continues saying that his team has no interest in moving, but his words spark a debate that has been going for the past few years now. The rumors and stories have been going on for what feels like forever now. The Chargers are coming to LA. The Raiders are coming back. The Rams’ owner bought land in Los Angeles. The Jaguars were linked to leaving for the City of Angels at one point too.

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We already have two stadiums here in the Los Angeles area that are ready to be built. Majestic Reality own’s a plot of land in Walnut, CA that is ready to break down. The Los Angeles Football Stadium is planned to be very extravagant. And then there is the talk of tearing down the old Convention Center next to Staples Center and building a stadium there. Farmer’s Insurance already made a deal to have it called Farmer’s Field.

The older generation can remember the days of teams here, playing in the Coliseum. They had the Raiders, the Chargers, and the Rams, as the most recent team to depart this great city. Even my dad was once a Rams fan simply because of their location. It’s something that hasn’t been seen in a few years and would not only bring nostalgia for the older fans, but give the younger fans a solid team that they can have in their home.

Los Angeles is loaded with teams already. The Dodgers, Kings, Lakers, Clippers, the Angels (simply by their name) continue to be at the center of the sports world in this city. The fans are passionate and show all their support through the thick and thin (looking your way, Clippers fans). This city would embrace whichever team moved over and we would make it our very own. There’s no denying it. LA fans are crazy and passionate about their sports. Just look at the Kings, the city is going wild for them right now.

And it’s not just the sports side of Los Angeles that will change.

No, the business side will change. There would be HUGE economic changes that the city could reap the benefits from. The stadium would need to be built and that produces jobs. In the case of the plan of the Los Angeles Football Stadium, with all the extra amenities Majestic Reality has planned, from hotels to a shopping center, business will be lining up to get in on this new action in the market. I can literally see the money and people making it rain.

The only question that lingers: Who is coming?

Each team that has been linked to coming back brings its own traits. The Rams can bring a young and upcoming team that has the potential to be exciting. They have one of the best defensive lines led by Robert Quinn and Chris Long that fans can easily get behind and support. The Chargers are local and already have a strong fan base in Los Angeles. With that team coming up, many of the players can stay where they are and fans can connect with each other more. The Raiders, like the Chargers, have fans here in Los Angeles. They would have their own stadium, separate from the Oakland A’s and bring their own fans as well.

It could be one of those three teams, and then it could be a whole different team we’ve never seen coming. Whichever the case, the fans will enjoy. And imagine seeing Magic Johnson do the inaugural coin toss?

Also, if the Jaguars somehow get here, I vote they change their name to the Los Angeles Aztecs.