2017 MLB All-Star Roster: No Dodgers in starting lineup this year

The 2017 MLB All-Star roster didn’t include any potential starters outside of pitcher Clayton Kershaw.

Being one of the best pitchers in the world, an invitation to the 2017 MLB All-Star roster isn’t shocking. Dodgers phenom Clayton Kershaw is still one of the best, and right now holds the best chance to start the All-Star game in honor of LA.

Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger made the list, but only as reserves. The second year shortstop and rookie call up have taken the league under their belt with plenty of confidence.

Moving forward, they seem like the two immovable pieces for the Dodgers when talking about the long term. Dave Roberts has used them well in the lineup, and it’s gotten them to where they currently are.

Getting out of the NL West won’t be easy. Survival is more the mindset this year than dominance, as in prior years. This season is showing us just how valuable both Seager and Bellinger are to a deep playoff run.

Los Angeles has one of the more heartbreaking championship droughts in professional sports. This year would be a great time to end that, and what better way to achieve such a feat than with young talent?

Both in their early 20’s, Seager and Bellinger are giving the Dodgers all they got. In their place will be Washington’s Ryan Zimmerman at first base and Cincinnati’s Zack Cozart at short.

The Dodgers can’t let the All-Star starting snub get to them too much. Sure, you could make the argument for them to be on there, but what matters is making due in the postseason.

Chasing October hasn’t seemed this feasible for the boys in blue in quite some time. After the All-Star break, it’ll be up to them to decide when enough is enough to go without a championship.

Because if you didn’t know by now, the fans have been ready to celebrate.