Clippers Rumors: Kyrie Irving reportedly now desires LA

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The latest Clippers rumors are back looking at Kyrie Irving.

For a star point guard who has made it to three straight NBA Finals with Cleveland, Irving shocked the world by demanding a trade earlier this summer. Several suitors seemed like they could land him , including the Phoenix Suns, but that seems to have taken a crazy turn.

According to a story from Bleacher Report, the Los Angeles Clippers are now at the top of his trade destination wish list. If Los Angeles were to make a deal with Cleveland to secure Irving, it would not come as a shock because of the gap that Chris Paul left behind.

If Irving doesn’t come, the Clippers will have to depend on guys like Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams to pick up the slack. Getting Irving would keep this team in contention, and arguably make them a more dangerous team than when Chris Paul was in town.

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Too many early exits in the playoffs shut down what could’ve been a number of great runs for the Clippers. Despite the opposite happening to Irving with the Cavaliers, it appears as though he’s done being the sidekick.

The former number one overall pick by Cleveland would have to mesh well with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan to have it all work out. Los Angeles may still have to give up a heck of a lot if they really want the point guard on their team, but that might be just fine with them at this point.

It would seem doubtful that the Cavs would just hang on to Irving and force him to play out at least this season in Cleveland or make him decide if he’s even going to play. Unfortunately for them, it has seemed to come to that boiling point.

Similar chemistry issues are what ended the dynamic duo of Shaq and Kobe years ago on the Lakers. The only thing that the Clippers should hope for is that the drama doesn’t follow him.

This would, however, end any chance the Clippers might have at LeBron James next summer if he was on their short list of superstars to go grab in free agency. To them, though, having an established point guard to guide their already talented team would be good enough for them.

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Perhaps we’ll see them make a deal sometime soon for Irving to help mend that gap.