Lakers Rumors: League executives think LeBron is coming to LA

LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 10: LeBron James (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 10: LeBron James (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Despite the Paul George tampering fiasco that is going on, the Lakers rumors haven’t stopped. The LeBron to LA rumors has been fueled by league executives.

They won’t stop, will they? Despite being one of the worst teams in the last five seasons, the Los Angeles Lakers rumors will not stop. With an ongoing investigation surrounding possible tampering with Paul George, LeBron James has been the next superstar to be tied to the Lakers. Whether it is overreacting to a basic tweet, or making connections to LeBron’s home, Lakers fans have been clamoring over the prospect of bringing in LeBron James.

Now, these Lakers rumors have garnered even more merit. Bleacher Report talked to multiple NBA executives, all of which gave the same type of answer.

“I don’t see him in Cleveland,” “Foregone conclusion” and “Hes out” all were answers that executives gave. For Cleveland fans, this is a bad case of Deja Vu. After LeBron came back in 2014 he was everyone’s hero again. He brought the city the ring that has alluded them, delivering on his promise. Yet, still, he wants out; after the Kyrie Irving trade, you can’t blame him.

So, why the change of heart from the King? Los Angeles in the midst of the worst stretch in franchise history, so it seems unwise to leave a title contending team to go to a lottery team. Well, according to the same reports, there are three distinct reasons why.

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The first two reasons have to do with his post basketball career. According to the report, James wants to not only set up an acting career in Hollywood to help pay the bills once he hangs the sneakers up, but he wants to also create a path to ownership with the Lakers. Los Angeles trails only the Knicks as the most valuable franchise.

We all know LeBron James is smart. Basketball is not going to last forever, he knows that and if he anyone can turn into the billionaire entrepreneur that Magic Johnson has become, its James himself.

The other reason is a part of his legacy. Reportedly, James wants to accomplish the rare feat of winning a championship for three different franchises. Robert Horry did it with the Rockets, Lakers and Spurs. No star has really done it, James would be the first.

While the Lakers may not be in title contention now, that all can change with the acquisition of LeBron James. We have seen his ability to craft super teams. Now, he already has two solid young players in Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram, so the possibilities are endless.

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If you are a Lakers fan, you have to like the most recent Lakers rumors around LeBron James. While Los Angeles must focus on improving this season, the shadow of LeBron James will be casting over the Staples Center.