Lakers Rumors: Three reasons why it’s time to trade Brandon Ingram

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NEW ORLEANS, LA – FEBRUARY 19: Paul George (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
NEW ORLEANS, LA – FEBRUARY 19: Paul George (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

3. A superstar small forward is right around the corner

Look at all of the Lakers rumors throughout the NBA offseason. Of all the speculation, trade talks and rumors, the two most consistent names have been Paul George and LeBron James. The common denominator of both men? They play the small forward position – a position that is currently being held down by Ingram.

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If the Lakers do plan on acquiring a star small forward it makes no sense for the organization to keep Ingram around. Unless they are going to move either guy to the shooting guard or power forward spot, keeping Ingram is a waste of time.

In keeping Ingram around, the Lakers are effectively going all in on his progression and the potential he comes with. However, if the team goes and gets George, they would simply be moving Ingram to the bench. To devote all of that time and energy into a young player, only to bench him, doesn’t make any sense.

That is why the Lakers need to get something out of Ingram while they can. While they can do the same deal next offseason to open the space, the salary cap implications will not be there.

George has already said that he would need another star in Los Angeles for him to make that kind of commitment. With the current outlook of next offseason, the Lakers cannot afford to bring in another superstar. However, if the team does get rid of Deng alongside Ingram, they would have enough space to bring in another star.

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That star could be DeMarcus Cousins, or it simply could be space to resign the likes of Brook Lopez. Regardless what that money is used for, the Lakers still need to free that money to get a star next offseason.