LA Rams Trade Rumors: Why They Should Make A Deal For Martavis Bryant

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As part of potential LA Rams trade rumors, it’s only fair to look at a possible deal to land Martavis Bryant.

Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams have surprised a lot of people this season. Not only did Los Angeles improve to 4-2 on the year after going into Jacksonville and defeated a stacked Jaguars defense, but they’ve also found a plethora of ways to put points on that board.

You could point to a more poised Goff, a running back that’s found an old groove that helps him excel in Todd Gurley, or maybe as a whole give credit to the changed culture that comes with rookie head coach Sean McVay.

Whatever the secret recipe is right now, it’s working.

However, not everyone has been happy with their role in the new-look Rams — just ask wide receiver Sammy Watkins. Watkins was traded to LA from Buffalo not too long ago, but he’s been vocal about not liking his fit with Los Angeles.

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Guess who’s making a similar request, but from Pittsburgh? Martavis Bryant.

Comparing Bryant and Watkins head to head, a trade actually makes sense when you look at the numbers. For instance, overall receptions is a difference of two, receiving yards is a difference of nine, and receiving average in yards per game is a difference of just over one.

Bryant has two more receptions than Watkins so far to go for nine more yards overall as well, but Watkins has the better per game average. Pittsburgh is at a point where, because of the lackluster play from Ben Roethlisberger lately, the more weapons they can put together the better off they’ll be.

After the Steelers were able to end the Chiefs’ run as the lone unbeaten team remaining in the NFL in Week 6, in order to be able to do that in a playoff game, there’s no question that having a guy like Watkins could make all of the difference.

Considering that Bryant is on the opposite side of the field compared to lead receiver Antonio Brown most of the time, Watkins would also be a good replacement for the Steelers to consider in a trade for the simple fact that he’s starting lineup ready.

There’s no question that Watkins is talented, but his frustration in the scheme of things speaks to the fact that the Rams are able to move forward without him because of how everyone else around him has managed to step up.

The only room for concern the Rams should have is the substance abuse that Martavis Bryant was suspended all of the 2016 season for. Other than that, a trade also makes sense financially. According to Spotrac, Sammy Watkins has a base salary of $690k this season, while Bryant is slotted to be paid $615k.

In the right environment, Bryant can absolutely be a dangerous weapon for Jared Goff and company. All the Rams need now that they’re 4-2 is consistency, as that remains the key to pulling away in the NFC West.

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Pittsburgh wins in this trade scenario too, so don’t be shocked if talks between the two teams begin to happen and escalate quickly. Nothing wrong with a win-win scenario, which is what we have on our hands here.