Lakers Rumors: The perfect trade package to land Eric Bledsoe

PHOENIX, AZ - OCTOBER 20: Eric Bledsoe (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
PHOENIX, AZ - OCTOBER 20: Eric Bledsoe (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Eric Bledsoe is the latest superstar in trade rumors. Although the Clippers have been in the heat of trade talks, Bledsoe very well could find himself in the Lakers rumors.

The Phoenix Suns are just four games into the NBA season and the team is already in for a big shakeup. Following a 0-3 start, the Suns fired third-year head coach Earl Watson. This is all on top of the Eric Bledsoe fiasco, in which the guard tweeting a somewhat cryptic tweet. Now, it is time to enter Bledsoe in the latest Lakers rumors.

Bledsoe infamously tweeted that he “Dont wanna be here,” later stating that he was at a hair salon. Still, the Suns are not buying it and have removed Bledsoe from the team. Now, a trade awaits.

Quite frankly, Bledsoe does not seem to fit with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers city adversaries, the Los Angeles Clippers, are a much better fit for Bledsoe on paper. However, acquiring Bledsoe would be more than just a ploy for the Lakers to get better this year.

As of now, Los Angeles is doing pretty good at the guard position. At point guard, Lonzo Ball plays the majority of minutes while Tyler Ennis serves as the backup. At shooting guard, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Jordan Clarkson man a great scoring tandem.

That is why on the surface this deal does not seem to make sense. Bledsoe would seemingly have nowhere to go, and this would only be adding more cooks in the kitchen.

However, there is one trade package that would make this deal work. If Los Angeles can get Bledsoe for the following, it very well may be their best move moving forward.

The Suns are going to be seeking young talent in exchange for Bledsoe and what better young talent to bring in than Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle? Clarkson is showing that at his ceiling he may be able to match Bledsoe’s production down the line and Randle is a consistent double-double option.

Plus, with the Lakers failing to sign Randle to an extension, a split between the two sides only seems inevitable. Throw in Luol Deng and his three years, $54 million for Jared Dudley’s two years, $20 million and the Lakers would be in much better shape.

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Then, Los Angeles could run Bledsoe at the shooting guard position and move Caldwell-Pope to the bench. Pope was brought on to bring some defense to an otherwise weak unit, and on the bench, his scoring may take a bump as the number one option.

While Bledsoe’s natural position is the point and he is only six-foot-one, his ability to score the basketball alongside a playmaking guard such as Lonzo Ball would be a fun sight in LA. Then again, the narrative of the NBA is now to be small and shoot.

Most importantly, Bledsoe gives the Lakers stock in free agent discussions. Los Angeles will never be able to sign a big name star in the 2018 offseason without established credit. Bledsoe, who is on a relatively small contract for his ability, is the perfect guy to build said credit.

While everything would have to happen perfectly for a Lakers-Bledsoe partnership, it definitely is in the realm of possibility. At the very least, a Bledsoe discussion should creep into more Lakers rumors.

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Yet, we will not know if this will be an actual move made or just another case of the same superstar Lakers rumors. For that, we just have to wait and see.