Dodgers Rumors: How the Dodgers can land Giancarlo Stanton

PHOENIX, AZ - SEPTEMBER 23: Giancarlo Stanton (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)
PHOENIX, AZ - SEPTEMBER 23: Giancarlo Stanton (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images) /

Trading for Giancarlo Stanton has been the hottest topic of the offseason Dodgers rumors. This begs the question: what exactly would Los Angeles have to give up for the slugger?

The Los Angeles Dodgers just made it to game seven of the World Series, ultimately falling short to the Houston Astros. Despite that blow occurring only two weeks ago, the Dodgers rumors this offseason have already begun. However, this time they are different. They are much bigger. They are centered around home run machine, Giancarlo Stanton.

Dodgers rumors around Stanton have been present since the Derek Jeter-led ownership group bought the Marlins. Stanton has an otherwise ridiculous contract, prompting trade talks to turn from fantasy to reality. Thus, many fans and analysts pointed to Stanton’s hometown Dodgers as a potential candidate.

Sources claim that the Los Angeles Dodgers are in on Giancarlo Stanton. Although specifics of how interested Andrew Friedman and company are, the interest from the ball club itself has finally emerged.

The Dodgers join the Cardinals, Giants and Red Sox as potential candidates for Stanton. After a 59 home run season, it is hard to blame these franchises for their continued interest in Stanton and his ridiculous contract.

However, what may put the Dodgers head and shoulder above the Giants and the Red Sox is their farm system. San Fransisco does not have much to work with at all and Boston’s only big trade chip is Rafael Devers. Sure, the Red Sox can part ways with the likes of Jackie Bradley Jr. but that likely is not something on the radar.

The Dodgers, however, can offer the Marlins some big league ready prospects, big league talent and future talent as well. Therefore, we can create the perfect trade return to acquire Giancarlo Stanton:

The central point of this deal is outfielder Alex Verdugo. Verdugo is the Dodgers’ second-best prospect and the 23rd ranked prospect in baseball (per MLB Pipeline). With his smooth stroke and natural ability to find the gaps, Verdugo is very intriguing prospect for the Marlins. He is undoubtedly big league ready and the perfect bat to throw second in the lineup once he develops.

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Yusniel Diaz is another outfield prospect in this deal. Although it may seem unwise for the Dodgers to trade two outfielders, they can take the blow. Los Angeles would, of course, be bringing in Stanton to play the outfield. Plus, the team drafted Jeren Kendall in the first round of the 2017 MLB Draft; he is already the fourth best prospect on the Dodgers.

Hyun-Jin Ryu is the established MLB talent of the bunch, giving the Marlins a middle of the rotation arm. With Ryu’s best years coming under Marlins’ skipper Don Mattingly, this may be the best move for Ryu himself.

Right-handed pitching prospect Jordan Sheffield is the icing on the cake. Sheffield was once one of the best prospects on the Dodgers, and although he has fallen a tad, is still among the best. Sheffield is still the Dodgers’ tenth ranked prospect.

Overall, the Marlins would be getting a little bit of everything in this deal. Since the team is so desperate to get rid of the contract, the Dodgers can afford to send a lesser package like this than they otherwise would have. If the Marlins play hard to get, and the Dodgers want Stanton that bad, they may need to include Walker Buehler or Yadier Alvarez.

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However, for now, this package alone already beats anything the Red Sox and Giants can put together without scrapping their entire roster. Thus, the Dodgers rumors entail that the Boys in Blue may indeed be front-runners for Giancarlo Stanton. If so, we can all see more stadium clearing bombs in the future.