Three reasons that we should’ve never doubted Jared Goff to begin with

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It’s his first real year without any wild dysfunction

We can even forget the Jeff Fisher part in all of the drama from a year ago. Regardless of that, Goff had an insane amount of pressure on him to deliver for a team that had just moved cities, pissing off a fan base in St. Louis and leaving for a fan base in LA that wasn’t certain it would even show up.

Now that Goff has that chapter behind them, there haven’t been the distractions that would’ve come if he had started last year. There was also no contest to him being the starting quarterback from camp on this season, whereas he had to awkwardly wait behind Case Keenum for the better part of last season.

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If anything, this season should also go without saying that Keenum can also deliver at a high level and away from drama and dysfunction, as he’s keeping the Minnesota Vikings in contention as a replacement to Sam Bradford and the precedent for a now-healthy Teddy Bridgewater.

Ironically, Keenum leads the Vikings who are a game ahead in the standings of the Rams and beat them 24-7 in their only match up of the regular season.

All things considered, this is still an above and beyond year for Los Angeles and Goff equally. If it weren’t for Carson Wentz absolutely playing out of his mind for the Eagles, the bigger conversation of MVP in the NFL would be centered around Jared Goff.

That’s no reason to feel sorry for Goff, but rather a chance to really appreciate what he’s been able to do in the background as Wentz has most of the spotlight for right now. Finally, let’s also give some credit to the Rams who managed to finally get a quarterback who can lead their team to winning in big games and possibly deliver on an elusive Super Bowl sooner than later.

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Because with Jared Goff, that is the direction that this team is headed.