DeAndre Jordan Trade Rumors: Potential deals with his latest suitors

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Minnesota Timberwolves

We’ve got a fire sale!

This trade is the one I see being a strong possibility out of all of the possible options that the Clippers have on their hands. They’d get a guard, a center, and a forward with potential by giving up a guy they received in the Chris Paul trade (Dekker) and by getting Jordan out of town.

The reason that I think Minnesota would take this trade is simple — they’ve fallen in love with Karl Anthony-Towns. So much so, that they’d be foolish not to try and make the big man their strong point. They are set at other positions with guys like Andrew Wiggins, Jeff Teague, and Jimmy Butler.

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so why not trade for another valuable big man if you have the chance?

The slipper also fits because it again allows the Clippers some breathing room. Instead of trying to do everything at the speed of light, which for some reason LA thinks is always a good thing, it’ll help them slow it all down and figure out where they’re actually heading.

Tyus Jones is not a bad pick up at all, especially when you consider how bad injuries have taken a tremendous toll on the team’s depth at that position. Then, Deng isn’t too bad of an acquisition either, but he’s not on Jordan’s level.

Still, not like he’s trash.

Then, with Nemanja Bjelica, they’re getting a forward who has just a seven points per game average, but could do better in a different environment, which the Clippers can provide. I like this deal a lot for both sides, but it’s obviously still up in the air as to what Los Angeles will actually do.

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Let’s hope they make the right decision.