LA Clippers are getting the fallout that they deserve

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Let’s not pretend the LA Clippers are innocent — this could’ve been avoided.

The best way I can think of to really try and relate to what the LA Clippers are going through with the turmoil this season is like that one friend we all have that won’t listen to good advice no matter what. It could be from people that have experienced the worst case scenario of a situation telling them to change course, and it could be even left on repeat on a voicemail — but they still won’t listen.

And now they regret whatever decision they’ve made that they were told not to.

The LA Clippers thought that when Chris Paul ended up going to them instead of the Lakers that it would enter them into a new championship window where they could compete. At first, it really did seem like it was going down that road.

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A couple of playoff wins later and a triumphant seven game series win over Golden State a few years ago had LA in the second round and quickly up 3-1 over the Houston Rockets. It would go on to be the most infamous Clippers series in recent memory, and for good reason.

Forget the celebrating. Los Angeles found a way to lose three straight games to Houston, falling one win short of a trip to the conference finals. As a result, Chris Paul never got to that point in his career and still hasn’t although it looks like things are brighter for him elsewhere in Houston — of all places — at the moment.

Add to that repeated mediocrity led by a so-so coach in Doc Rivers and led by Blake Griffin, who might as well change his middle name to injury prone and DeAndre Jordan who should work for an airline because he just wants to get away.

How did the LA Clippers really expect this to turn out?

While their dumpster fire had started smoldering, the Lakers decided to focus on a young core of talent and now they look to be the superior team in the long run. Long story short, everyone else shouldn’t feel sorry for the LA Clippers.

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They really did do this to themselves.