Super Bowl 52: Why the Eagles making it gives LA Rams hope

Super Bowl 52 is around the corner, with Philadelphia clashing with New England. Here’s why that’s important for the LA Rams moving forward.

As we all know, the Los Angeles Rams fell flat en route to what they hoped was a berth in Super Bowl 52 by falling in the first round to last season’s NFC champions in the Atlanta Falcons. Jared Goff had home field advantage on wild card weekend, but that wasn’t enough to get the Rams into the divisional side of things.

In his second season, Goff led the Rams to a complete turnaround under their new head coach in Sean McVay after Jeff Fisher was finally let go.

Almost in sequence, Carson Wentz — drafted one slot after Jared Goff in 2016 — led the Eagles to what would hold to be the best record in the NFC despite getting a season-ending injury before the postseason began.

And now here we are with Tom Brady in a familiar place versus Nick Foles — a guy who the Rams had as their third string quarterback just last season behind Jared Goff and Case Keenum.

So what’s the connection?

It’s two fold in this case, but let’s start with the obvious one. If Carson Wentz can get it done with Philadelphia, then there is no reason that Jared Goff can’t be the next young quarterback to make it happen for his team.

How Wentz has developed into an elite professional player should be telling as to what the future holds in Philly just as much as in Los Angeles.

Goff was able to put together one of the most high powered offenses in all of football, while Wentz was able to be just slightly more clutch, giving his team a few extra wins if you were to compare the two.

This is great news for the Rams, especially considering the fact that their investment in Sean McVay longs like one they’re getting behind for a long time coming.

The second part as to what this Super Bowl match up means for the Rams comes in Eagles backup and now Super Bowl starter, Nick Foles.

If Blake Bortles was going to make it to the Super Bowl, the argument was ready to be made that an inferior or sub-par quarterback can actually get to the NFL’s biggest stage without being the shining star.

Thanks to a stellar defense, Jacksonville nearly made that happen before the Patriots escaped at home to advance.

However, Nick Foles still took care of business and made it to the Super Bowl. This doesn’t answer the illegitimate quarterback question that Bortles would’ve defined, but it does help us come to terms with the fact that the Rams really should’ve made a coaching change sooner.

Ultimately, it speaks to how detrimental Jeff Fisher really was, and this weekend should make any Rams fan happy to see a guy that Fisher wouldn’t start or let be the backup now get his chance to take down the foe most fans — if not all fans — outside of Foxborough hate.

And now it’s Nick Foles’ turn to take on Tom Brady.