LA Lakers: Predicting and tracking the Grammy road trip

The LA Lakers are on the road due to the Grammy Awards. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)
The LA Lakers are on the road due to the Grammy Awards. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images) /

With the 62nd Grammy Awards taking place Jan. 26, it’s time for the LA Lakers to go on their annual five-game road trip.

Each year the LA Lakers hit the road for a lengthy road trip due to the Grammy Awards. They’ve got some questions to answer, and we’ve got some predictions to do.

Will Anthony Davis play during the Grammy Road Trip? What should we expect from the Lakers for this road trip?

Game 1: Los Angeles Lakers at Houston Rockets

Despite the way the Rockets play, the Lakers should be able to pull this victory out. With or without Davis, the Rockets have struggled big-time on the defensive end. That should allow players like Kyle Kuzma and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to get going. For Houston, they’ve won their past three games against the Lakers at the Toyota Center, and have elite scorers in James Harden and Russell Westbrook. With that being said, the Rockets are going to be without Austin Rivers, Gerald Green, and Nene. Expect the Lakers to escape Houston from a close victory.

Score Prediction: Lakers 126, Rockets 119

Update: The Lakers won this one, 124-115.

Game 2: Los Angeles Lakers at Boston Celtics

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Without a doubt, the best rivalry in the NBA — the Lakers and Celtics. These two teams will go at it on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Sitting as the third seed in the Eastern Conference, Boston has certainly exceeded expectations with Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum leading the way. Most of their success has come at home, where they have a 16-4 record. That said, the Celtics have suffered back-to-back losses against the Pistons and Bucks. If Davis ends up playing, he should be able to take advantage of an undersized Boston squad. The Lakers and Celtics always have tough and intense games, so we can expect this to be a close game in general. My gut feeling is telling me the Lakers will squeak this one out.

Score Prediction: Lakers 108, Celtics 105

Update: The Lakers lost 139-107.

Game 3: Los Angeles Lakers at New York Knicks

For the most part, the New York Knicks have been rather pathetic. Sitting at 11-31, you wouldn’t expect the Knicks to be competitive for the most part. My prediction for this one is that the Knicks will come out of the gates and take an early lead in the game. New York and LA, can you get any bigger than that? The Knicks are going to be extra motivated knowing that the Lakers are coming to town. New York’s lead should last throughout the first half, but the Lakers will get back into business and make a huge comeback during the third quarter. Yeah, well they won’t look back from that point on. Expect the Lakers to win comfortably.

Score Prediction: Lakers 117, Knicks 99

Game 4: Los Angeles Lakers at Brooklyn Nets

Do the Lakers have a better team than the Brooklyn Nets? Absolutely. Yet, something is telling me that this is going to be a trap game for the Lakers. Off of a back-to-back, we should expect the Lakers to be exhausted. Sure, they might be able to keep it close throughout the game, but I’m expecting both Kyrie Irving and Spencer Dinwiddie to perform exceptionally well, especially during the fourth quarter. The Lakers could very well prove me wrong, but something about this match-up just tells me that Brooklyn is going to come out of the gates and never look back after sustaining a lead.

Score Prediction: Nets 111, Lakers 105

Game 5: Los Angeles Lakers at Philadelphia 76ers

In all honesty, I’m not buying into the 76ers. Philadelphia’s a good team, but not great. Their bench is below average, and Joel Embiid is injured. This should be a win for the Lakers as they conclude their five-game road trip. All the Lakers have to do is to contain Ben Simmons. You do that, and you win. Take care of business. Don’t let Philadelphia get any momentum. Personally, I believe that the 76ers have identity issues. They’re trying to be a three-point shooting team, but they don’t have many good quality shooters. The match-up to watch out for this game will be Anthony Davis and Al Horford. This should be a good one, but like other games, the Lakers should be able to expand their lead in the third quarter and never look back.

Score Prediction: Lakers 113, 76ers 104