Chargers Training Camp: Justin Herbert and 3 main concerns

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Concern No. 2: Will camp lead to a redshirt season for Justin Herbert?

There is a real possibility that the league decides not to hold preseason games, and if that’s the case, I wonder if Justin Herbert’s rookie season is a lost cause altogether. Barring an injury to Tyrod Taylor, the Chargers could choose to sit Herbert for the entirety of the 2020 season, and that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

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There have been similar situations recently, where a top-10 pick has sat on the bench for their full rookie seasons. Of course, Patrick Mahomes sitting behind Alex Smith is the one that comes to mind, initially — because it worked out pretty well for them, I’d say.

Baker Mayfield sat behind Taylor in Cleveland for a few games before he was plugged in as a rookie, but that’s also coming off a full offseason program. Lamar Jackson also had a chance as a rookie, late in the year, due to an injury to Joe Flacco.

I know we’re talking about two top-tier quarterbacks in terms of Mahomes and Jackson, but maybe sitting for the majority (or all) of his rookie season is a positive for Herbert. There’s really no way he earns the starting job in camp. Taylor already knows the system and has familiarity with his teammates, and that’s O.K.

The more someone logically thinks about it, the more they have to believe it could be a great piece in Herbert’s development to sit back and learn for a year.