Lakers Rumors: Possible trade returns for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

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CHICAGO, IL – OCTOBER 08: Anthony Davis (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) – Lakers rumors
CHICAGO, IL – OCTOBER 08: Anthony Davis (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) – Lakers rumors /

This is crazy, I know. This trade is something that you would see in NBA 2K18, so I understand if you do not take it seriously. However, we have seen crazier things in the NBA.

First and foremost, I know how dedicated the Laker faithful is to their young talent. The Lakers could trade Brandon Ingram for Kevin Durant and I am sure there would still be upset Laker fans that did not want to see Ingram traded. His ceiling is high, yes, but Anthony Davis has already reached one of the highest ceilings imaginable.

Davis is a beast, there is no doubt about it. Last season, Davis averaged 28 points, 11.8 rebounds and 2.2 blocks per game. He is the spine of the New Orleans Pelicans organization, however, it may be the time that the Brow wants out of New Orleans.

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New Orleans brought in DeMarcus Cousins to give Davis what he wanted, a chance to contend. However, even with the most talented frontcourt in the NBA, the Pelicans were still unable to finish with 35 wins. Now, DeMarcus Cousins trade talks are heating up. This would be a good move for the future, but it shows Davis that the Pelicans are not ready to contend.

That is when Davis demands a trade, and what bigger market to go to than Los Angeles. Davis would become one of the biggest superstars and personalities in the NBA in LA. Especially with promises of Paul George incoming, Davis may be best suited to back his bags and head west.

While the Lakers do have to get rid of two young talents, Davis is arguably more talented than either guy can ever be. George would fill in the gap Ingram left behind, and Anthony Davis the gap Randle left behind.

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With this trade, the Lakers become instant title contenders. Although these Lakers rumors may seem unlikely, anything is possible in the crazy NBA.